Electric Utilities

The Electricity We Use

Nearly every aspect of our lives depends electricity.  Minnesota's electric companies are national leaders in providing affordable, safe and reliable energy to their customers.  They do this with thoughtful and balanced deliberations.

Steam turbines produce most of the electricity we use in Minnesota. Different energy sources heat water to create steam that turns the turbines to create electricity. This system continuously provides consistent levels of power, as well as additional power at times where there is greater demand.

Utilities are constantly enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of power plants to make the most out of the energy used to make electricity. Utilities work with their larger customers to find ways to make buildings and companies more energy efficient. Utilities use technology to help customers monitor their power usage, and use and develop other programs to help customers be more energy efficient. Combined, these efforts increase the overall efficiency of our power systems as well as homes and businesses.

Traditionally, Minnesota utilities have relied on coal as the main fuel source for power plants. But this is changing as utilities work to incorporate a more diverse mix of fuel sources, including more renewable energy. The fuel mix continues to change with an increased use of renewables and natural gas.  According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce and the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) more than 22% of Minnesota's electricity came from renewables in 2016.

Minnesota's Electricity Generation Mix in 2016:

22%  Renewables

15%  Natural Gas

23%  Nuclear

39%  Coal

1%    Other
Source: EIA. What is U.S. electricity generation by energy source?


Moving the Power

The energy grid is America’s network of transmission lines, energy plants, distribution lines, substations, and other systems that help Americans access the energy they need to power their daily lives. When you flip a switch or press a button and the power comes on, it’s the smart grid that sends energy wherever it’s needed.

The Grid

Supporting Electric Vehicles in Minnesota

While electric vehicles continue to be approximately 3% of Minnesota's car market, it is a growing trend.

Electric Vehicles


Electric Service Providers in Minnesota

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