City of Bemidji receives $71,000 rebate from Otter Tail Power Company

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City of Bemidji receives $71,000 rebate from Otter Tail Power Company

January 20, 2016

The City of Bemidji earned a rebate check that exceeded $71,000 from Otter Tail Power Company for several energy-efficiency upgrades made in city buildings.

The energy-efficient upgrades include:

  • High-efficiency light-emitting diode (LED) parking lot fixtures at the Sanford Event Center and other city lots. LEDs last about four times longer than metal halide fixtures and twice as long as fluorescents, resulting in a significant reduction in maintenance costs as well as electricity use. The new LED fixtures include motion sensors that decrease light output to 50 percent when the parking lots are not in use, further reducing electricity costs.
  • Adjustable-speed drives (ASDs) for motors in nine city buildings. An ASD matches a motor’s energy consumption with its load, often reducing electricity use by as much as
    50 percent.
  • New air-conditioning condensers at the Bemidji Public Library. More efficient condensers use less electricity.
  • New dehumidification system at Neilson Reese Ice Arena. The new system results in lower electricity costs to control the humidity level in the arena. 

As a result of these upgrades, the City of Bemidji will decrease its electricity use by approximately 435,000 kilowatt-hours annually, and save about $30,000 a year,” said Otter Tail Power Company Energy Management Representative Ken Johnson. Working with city officials throughout the process of choosing these technologies, Johnson helped them take advantage of rebate incentives. “Most of the city-owned streetlights also have been upgraded to LEDs, which will result in another rebate later this year,” said Johnson.

“Otter Tail Power Company has been wonderful to work with. Ken worked diligently to gather information from contractors and help the city qualify for rebates for our energy retrofits and upgrades. In addition to the rebates, city utility costs will be greatly reduced in the years ahead, further saving taxpayer dollars,” said Bemidji Mayor Rita Albrecht.

Otter Tail Power Company’s Minnesota Conservation Improvement Program provides rebates, grants, education, special programs, and financing to encourage individuals and businesses to use electricity wisely. Learn more about this program at

Otter Tail Power Company, a subsidiary of Otter Tail Corporation (NASDAQ Global Select Market: OTTR), is headquartered in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. It provides electricity and energy services to more than a quarter million people in Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. To learn more about Otter Tail Power Company visit To learn more about Otter Tail Corporation visit

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