Greenspace: Saving water could lead to a drop in gas usage

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Greenspace: Saving water could lead to a drop in gas usage

August 25, 2015

For a gas company, Minnesota Energy Resources sure is concerned about the water you're using.

The natural gas utility is offering kits to help households save their water. Why? Because using less water means using less energy.

"At first you wouldn't think water would have anything to do with natural gas," said Jeff Larson, senior manager of external affairs at Minnesota Energy Resources. "But when your hot water consumption goes down, less gas is needed to heat that water."

There are two different kits available — one per household. Kit "A" includes two shower heads, two bathroom aerators and one kitchen aerator, and Kit "B" includes one shower head, one bathroom aerator and one kitchen aerator.

"The price is the same for each," said Larson. "Free."

With the average household using roughly 146,000 gallons of water each year, the kits can save an average of 26,800 gallons each year. That's roughly 73 gallons per day.

While saving water — an important goal, considering each gallon used needs to be processed at a water treatment plant unless it is used outdoors and is finding its way into our precious rivers and lakes — is the first step, the real goal for Minnesota Energy Resources is to save energy. The reduction in energy means about 4 percent less gas usage each year, which translates to roughly 960 kilowatt hours.

SOURCE:  Rochester Post Bulletin

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