Minnesota plows a path toward a clean energy grid

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Minnesota plows a path toward a clean energy grid

October 28, 2016

For decades, Minnesota has been a leader in energy innovation, beginning in 1980 with its Conservation Improvement Program Statute, through its 2007 Renewable Energy Standards, and continuing today with its community solar gardens.

Now, Minnesota is well positioned to expand its leadership in the Midwest and, increasingly, the rest of the nation.

The newly released 2025 Energy Action Plan lays out a path to enable the state to meet its ambitious renewable energy and energy efficiency goals, while further developing Minnesota’s leadership in energy and strengthening the state’s economy.

Funded through a U.S. Department of Energy grant, the 2025 Energy Action Plan outlines actionable steps for priority strategies and technologies over the next 10 years. Stakeholders developed the steps through a consensus-driven approach.

The 2025 Energy Action Plan builds upon related efforts and recommends ways to leverage near-term opportunities to increase clean, affordable, reliable and resilient energy in the state. Many of the 2025 Energy Action Plan strategies and the stakeholder-driven approach are applicable to other states that wish to prepare for a changing energy future.

SOURCE;  Greenbiz.com

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