Experience & Capabilities

Operating electric and natural gas utilities is highly complex technically and must adhere to many layers of federal, state and local regulatory requirements. Minnesota investor-owned utilities are among the best, achieving national recognition in customer service, innovation and cost-effectiveness.


Operating Expertise in a Complex Business

Operating an electric or natural gas utility is one of the most critically important services that fuel our economy and entire way of life. It is also one of the most complex, interdependent businesses.

  • Extensive national infrastructure. The electric grid and natural gas pipeline network are a national infrastructure of pipelines and electric wires that transmit and distribute energy to every home, business, farm and other enterprise. Learn More
  • Extensive regulation. Investor-owned utilities also are extensively regulated on the federal, state and local levels of government. Learn More
  • Significant investment in infrastructure, operations and training. investor-owned utilities spend millions of dollars annually to upgrade systems and replace aging infrastructure. This necessary expenditure is part of running a safe, reliable and affordable energy system. Learn More

Affordable, Competitive Rates

Minnesota natural gas and electric rates are among the lowest in the country. The affordable rates help homeowners, communities and businesses to compete across state borders, stimulating a thriving economy for Minnesotans. Learn More

Customer Service Excellence

The Minnesota investor-owned utilities are recipients of numerous awards and recognition for outstanding customer service, innovation and operating excellence. Learn More

Innovation Focus to Better Serve Customers

Minnesota investor-owned utilities are continually innovating new technologies and approaches to improve reliability and maintain affordability. Learn More

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