Few things are more
important than energy.

Nearly every aspect of our lives depends on affordable, safe and reliable energy. The utility companies of Energy Minnesota are national leaders focused on being a positive part of strong and healthy communities.

Energy Minnesota’s utilities serve approximately 1.5 million of the 2.1 million households in the state, along with more than 670,000 businesses of all sizes. We are focused on protecting the environment, providing good jobs, investing in infrastructure and technology and providing reliable energy even when Minnesota’s weather presents challenges.

Energy Minnesota was created to help educate and engage our customers, communities and public policymakers. The laws, rules and regulations passed by policymakers at all levels of government have a significant impact on the cost, supply and delivery of energy to Minnesota’s homes, farms, businesses and communities.

We believe that well-informed public policy benefits all Minnesotans by ensuring policy decisions take into account the need to balance and understand the impacts of those policies. We also believe strong utilities energize a healthy economy and thriving communities around our state.


Our goals are simple
and straightforward.

Inform and educate customers, businesses, community leaders and public policymakers to foster better understanding of this critically important industry.

Foster well-informed public policy by engaging with utility stakeholders and policymakers in public dialogue.

Our commitment to Minnesota.

Protect – Focus on environmental stewardship

  • Renewable energy leadership
  • Energy conservation innovation

Support – Contribute to economic and community well being

  • Job providers and generators
  • Taxes to local, state and federal government
  • Community support

Serve – Leverage our experience and capabilities to better serve

  • Operating expertise in a complex business
  • Customer service excellence

Invest – Continue infrastructure and technology investment

  • Assure safety, reliability and affordability
  • Leverage our buying power to keep rates affordable